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Selling Information

We are liquidators and the primary service we provide is taking the burden of liquidating the contents of an estate, collection or business off you shoulders. The bonus is turning your items into cash without you having to lift a finger.


Our Company's purpose is to connect your quality assets with quality buyers. We do this by offering multiple bidding formats including on-line, live, phone and absentee bidding to ensure that your items are reaching the largest buying market possible. We also offer a strong marketing plan that offers your items exposure to a vast and worldwide buying audience. We perform auctions routinely at estates and businesses and we have the means to move even the largest estates into our auction facility.


Items placed in an auction should be received at least two weeks prior to the auction in order to ensure adequate time for marketing. A typical on-site auction requires at least two weeks marketing and up to six weeks when offering real estate. Follow the link at the bottom of the page for a list of items that are difficult to sell.


When you find yourselves overwhelmed with an estate or business liquidation do not hesitate to put the burden on our shoulders. You will never know how easy it can be until you call us and let us do all the work. To have a representative contact you please complete the form below: