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Sell With Us

The primary service we provide is taking the burden of liquidating the contents of an estate, collection, or business off your shoulders. As a bonus, you get to turn your items into cash without you having to lift a finger!

Our company's purpose is to connect your quality assets with quality buyers. We do this by offering multiple bidding formats including online, live, over the phone and absentee bidding to ensure that your items are reaching the largest buying market possible. We also offer a strong marketing plan that will give your items exposure to a vast, international buying audience. We perform auctions routinely at estates and businesses, and we have the means to move even the largest estates into our own auction facility.

Six Steps to Auction

The Review: No auction proposal should begin without a review of the items, business, or estate to be auctioned. Any auction company quoting a sale without reviewing it isn't laying the foundation needed for a quality sale. All sales are different and require specific methods of marketing and setup to be successful.


The Quote: Once a sale has been reviewed we offer a proposal to perform the auction. Our fees are typically commissioned based on no out of pocket expenses paid by the seller. Not all auctions are the same, so commission rates may vary. You should never base your decision solely on commission rates. The goal is to choose a company that is going to represent your items in a way that will achieve the most money. Our quotes will include all items required to effectively host an auction including labor, marketing, permits, tents, food, cleanup, and all other requirements. Once we agree on the terms and conditions we will then put them into a contract, at which time all parties will sign and the most important steps can begin.

The Marketing: Marketing is the single most important aspect of the auction process and begins with high-quality photos. We try to make as many photos as possible with each being posted online. Our entire auction schedule is posted online, and we try to drive our prospective bidders to that site. We also run ads in all local papers near the auction, mail over 1000 brochures, send out over 5,000 e-mail notices, and place signage on the property. Depending on the size and nature of the auction we'll also utilize full color ads in national antique magazines and papers.


The Setup: Setup typically doesn't begin until auction week. During that time we place items into one of three categories: individual, tray lot, and box lot. Individual items are those items that can stand alone and can realize maximum bids on their own, tray lots are quality items that need to be placed in small groups to achieve maximum bids, and box lots are lower quality items that must sell in bulk to achieve maximum bids. We will place lot numbers on each lot and enter each lot into our auction software for tracking. If auctioning on-site, we will erect tents, set out chairs, place tables, provide port-a-johns, and effectively remove all items from the estate prior to or during the auction. We also have food and drinks available at all auctions.

The Auction: Auction day begins with a preview typically starting two hours before the auction. All bidders must register and receive a bid number. We typically begin the auction with mid-range valued items, move into the higher valued items, and end the day on the lower valued items. This ensures we sell the better items during peak bidder attendance. All bids are recorded electronically including the lot number, bidder number, and bid amount. We accept cash and checks, as well as all major credit cards. The auction company is responsible for receiving and paying all sales tax. All items are sold as-is, where-is, and it's the bidder's responsibility to know what they are buying. The auction company maintains liability insurance in the event of an accident. We are also responsible for any “bad debt” from the auction.


The Settlement: Following the auction we'll break down the sale and effectively clean up the property. Within 14 business days we'll mail a settlement sheet which includes a breakdown of each lot and its sale price with a total less commission. We'll also include a check made payable to the agreed entity from our auction company.

Other Things To Know

Items placed in an auction should be received at least two weeks prior to the auction date in order to ensure adequate time for marketing. A typical on-site auction requires at least two weeks of marketing and up to six weeks when offering real estate. When relocating items to our auction house it may take upwards of 4 months to actually get the items into an auction due to our schedule.


There was a time when antiques like furniture, pottery, china, and glassware were a hot ticket and would regularly achieve outstanding auction prices, However, those days are long gone due to a shift in the tastes of bidders and due to availability of items in the market from other outlets. Watch any episode of Antiques Roadshow and this will become evident.

We are service providers. Our service is to take the pressure of a move, downsize, or probated estate off of your shoulders while providing our sellers with an empty home and estate. The bonus of this process is the sellers make money. 



We've been in the business a long time. And in that time, we've sold just about any item you can imagine. But we've also seen plenty of items that either sell for very little or just don't sell at all. Please take a look at the list below and consider this before deciding to take them to auction.

  • Upholstered furniture (especially sleeper sofas)

  • Sewing machines

  • Exercise equipment

  • Medical items (walkers, wheelchairs, etc.)

  • China (unless a classic company like Doulton or Minton)

  • Pressboard furniture

  • Entertainment centers

  • Upright pianos and organs

  • Box TV's/ non flat screen TV's

  • Books (unless historical in nature)

  • Amber & green glass (excluding Vaseline glass)

  • Anything broken or damaged  (unless extremely rare like Edgefield pottery)

  • Pillows, stuffed Animals, afghans, and mattresses

If you find yourself overwhelmed with an estate or business liquidation, let our team take the burden off your shoulders! To have a representative contact you, please send us an email at, or fill out the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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